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Pine Knoll Farm is a world class training center that features our body, mind and spirit Horsempowerment program and its horse-human connection where we use the power of the horse to teach, heal and empower people to be more mindful and move with spirit to live a life that is more expansive, conscious, powerful and balanced.

HorsEmpowerment is all about the healing, teaching and transformation process of life champions, which happens when we spend time making a heartfelt connection with the kindness and the authenticity of a horse. That said, we partner with horses, because they are instinctively wise whereas they have a 6th sense and know if you are happy or sad, optimistic or depressed before you do. Horses don’t judge you nor do they lie; rather they speak to you non verbally and mirror the truth about who you are, how you show up and where you are in your life. They showcase your gifts, imperfections, vulnerabilities and wounds. They address your contradictions and empower you to let go of the core patterns and obstacles within that are holding you back. Horses meet you where you are at, they then teach, test, awaken and heal you. They bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be in your life. Horses empower you to maximize your potential to be your best. Horses teach us the gift of vulnerability and how to conquer our fear by being in the presence of a huge powerful animal and they empower us to experience a profound deep connection that teaches us to once again trust. Horses teach us non verbal communication and emotional intelligence and they have the power to quiet your restless mind so that you live in the moment and open your heart to unconditional love to empower you to run free with your loved ones.

Horses are masters of congruency. Learning from the herd infrastructure and horse social structure we can master these insights and integrate them into our social structure and leadership models in the corporate world and global community. We can take these powerful lessons from herd culture and help “Bridge the Gap of Perceived Differences” creating a unified approach across borders and religions. Herd wisdom inspiring you to for find your PEACE within so you can hold the space for a more peaceful world . . . be the change.

Check out the Peace Ponies Ambassador Community.

Mindful Horsemanship

Private Lessons & Training

Pine Knoll offers private lessons & training in the art of Mindful Horsemanship which features left brain/right brain visual learning and how to perform in the zone. Lessons are available for all levels from the beginning to the intermediate to the advanced rider.

Harmony – The School Master

Gillian Vallis the Founder of Pine Knoll invented Harmony, a riding simulator unlike any other that integrates equine movement to release mental, emotional & physical imbalances for those dealing with severe traumatic experiences. The rhythmic movement regulates the vagal nerve, enhances balance and promotes relaxation and is a safe way for those who have had trauma to conquer their fear. It is ideal for those who are afraid to ride a horse & for those who are suffering from PTSD.

Training the Trainer

Personal Development Workshop

This is a transformative model for trainers that involves training in awareness, alignment & action taking. This workshop intensive utilizes working with the power of the horse to cover topics such as personal development, setting goals, congruence, wellness vs. stress, coping vs. healing, the power of our belief system,selective perception, dynamic balance as a life model & herd dynamics. It also covers the mirror to your soul that works on topics such as boundary setting, coherence, fear, triggers, awareness, staying here & now, emotional IQ, leadership, showing up, being authentic and trust. It features an Emotional IQ Test and Heart Stress Well Being Survey on stress in the workplace, in relationships and financial pressure, physical and emotional distress, stress management, adaptability, resilience and emotional vitality.