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ADDRESS:      4901 Ironworks rd. Georgetown, KY 40324


The Synchronicity Wellness Center

In the fast paced 21st Century we all need a place to get away to from the rat race so as to relax, revitalize and reenergize. We need to find a sacred place for stillness, to connect with our self and others, to reset our priorities, reconnect with what really matters and chart our path. That is what our Synchronicity Wellness Center is all about.

Our Riding Fitness Center

First, our fitness center empowers guests to work on their body sculpting, endurance and strength and features Harmony our mechanical horse but that is just the beginning.

Redefining the Wellness Experience - Body, Mind & Spirit

Synchronicity Wellness Center is redefining the healing experience by focusing on the body, mind, heart and the spirit and is the perfect destination to get your body, mind, heart and life in shape. Our wellness center features eastern healing arts body work modalities such massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, Feldinkraias techniques and Reiki energy balancing to get your body & mind in shape.

Yoga & Meditation Classes

Our Wellness center offers yoga & moving meditation classes to empower you to practice mindfulness so as to move with spirit to live a life in balance and achieve your life purpose.

Heart Math Technologies

What differentiates us from others is that we use heart math technologies to empower you to better manage stress, get your heart in shape and move from a state of imbalance and incongruence to congruence to live a more heart felt life.