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Gillian Vallis

Gillian Vallis is the founder, owner and operator of Pine knoll Farm which is a world class training center and school of integrated horsemanship like no other in America. It was one of the first to integrate western thinking in sports science & sports medicine with eastern modalities such as acupuncture, chiropractic, Reiki, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness into cutting edge programs to empower athletes to perform at their best, and, to empower those who are coping with issues such as vets with PTSD & women who have been abused to have breakthroughs to become their best. Gillian and her team of experts uniquely uses the power of the horse to empower people to attain wellness and wellbeing and to transform their lives for the better.

Gillian is a gifted and extraordinary teacher, coach and facilitator which comes from over 35 years of experience in working with horses, athletes, those challenged & executives to facilitate breakthroughs and transformation. She is a master in the art of creative teaching where she utilizes her off the charts emotional intelligence and the healing power of the horse . Gillian is a pioneer in the teaching of transformation, nonverbal communication and body language, intuition & Emotional IQ, how to use the power of the horse to mirror who we really are, how to conquer fear & build trust, stress management, mindfulness, predator/prey and herd behavior and more.

About The Author

Gillian’s new book covers topics such as left brain and right brain learning, emotional intelligence, the heart math path to coherence, the functionality of the conscious and unconscious mind, horses as a prey animal, how they speak via body language and how they build social bonds. It also discusses the job of the owner/rider which is to speak their language, listen to what the horse is telling you, learn their dance and empower them to conquer fear and learn to trust; while you learn to trust yourself. The book offers unique & valuable visual tools and techniques for training such as how to listen and steer your horse like a GPS system how to deal with a difficult and stubborn mindset and how to build, fuel & design a high performance horse with a team of experts much like a Formula One Race Car. The book also covers how to maintain your horse to avoid chronic abnormalities.

The second section of the book features breakthrough content on how to become The Ultimate Athlete by taking the Zen Road less traveled by integrating the left and right brain, becoming a Zen like master through the art of not thinking and the art of not trying, leaving your mind and coming to your senses, performing out of your mind in the zone, and how to conquer fear, anxiety & anger to perform at your best.