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Horse Profiling; The Secret To Motivating Equine Athletes, a book by Kerry Thomas, my thoughts are as follows regarding the book and all of Kerry’s work.

The importance of a mentally and psychologically trainable mind, the profiling of emotional conformation to help define the trainable mind for all equine athletes; this is the essence of the work of Mr. Kerry Thomas. This work opened a new chapter for the equine world- What else could be new?

With forty years in the equine business world as a competitor, trainer, coach and U.S. Equestrian Senior Judge, it is an honor and special privilege to recommend the works of Mr. Kerry Thomas.

Thomas Poulin, USEF S. Judge

Hello ladies!

Just wanted to let you know I found the lesson on Harmony to be very beneficial.
The simulator enables you to get the correct positions into muscle memory more easily
It is really helpful to freeze frame the action and make necessary adjustments.
My riding instructor noticed that my riding was more balanced and my transitions improved.
I would recommend this training for both novice & advanced level riders in all disciplines
Karen has a great eye for making subtle adjustments in a very insightful, instructive way.

Thank you,
Laurie LeDuc

Just wanted to thank Cathy for a great lesson. It was one of those lessons that showed up the holes in the training and was very thought provoking! We have been digesting all afternoon!
Have a good evening. - Jackie

The 4Harmony Foundation Schoolmaster™ provides an incredibly realistic simulated riding experience. Riders can focus upon developing kinesthetic awareness, flexibility, body control, and coordination, without the distracting variables posed by a live horse. Yet, they are able to acquire true feel for proper position, balance, and use of the aids. Without exception, every student with whom I have worked on “Harmony” has enthusiastically reported that they achieved perceptible improvement in their riding and horse’s way of going, even after just one lesson. Under the guidance of a qualified instructor, the 4HF Schoolmaster, especially when combined with complementary unmounted exercises in Pine Knoll Farm’s studio, provides a unique and powerful instrument to a rider’s toolbox. - Karin Glassman

“As an experienced rider, I was very pleased with the suggestions Karin immediately provided.  Working both on the lunge and on the ground, I was able to make small, but significant changes to my riding, that improved both of my horses immediately.  With the diversity of these horses, an older schooled 14.2h Arabian and a recently racetrack-retired 16.2h Thoroughbred, it was fantastic to see both horses respond quite pleasantly to the changes within my current training regime.  From our conversations, I know that I will be able to continue working with her in the future, and that her guidance will compliment the additional work that Tom has given me from previous instruction.” - Kristi Fly

“I just wanted to share with you that I had such a wonderful ride on my horse yesterday afternoon, applying the muscle memory I obtained on Amerika in the morning! It was so cool to ride my own horse "as if" I were on Amerika, and alas, he went more like her! I wish I could have a refresher ride on Amerika once a week! Plus, Tom gave me an invaluable tip about my hands that worked wonders. Thank you both for conducting this clinic. It was a pleasure to meet you.” - Karin Glassman

“Pine Knoll is an absolutely gorgeous facility and I hope to come back to work with you in the Reiki as well as to ride with Cathy and Tom.” - Anne Lindquist

“Pine Knoll Farm is a wonderful ‘therapy’ for horse and human.  The stress of life will melt away here so you can concentrate on the riding and learn more in your time here. Tom Poulin is a master!!  Gillian is so hospitable and I always feel at home here.  They are my family!!” - Kathy Ridenour

“To all at Pine Knoll Farm:  Thank you for a wonderful, informative, inspiring, and fun weekend.  Working on the simulator reminded us that small adjustments can lead to big changes.  My horses will appreciated the difference in the subtlety of my riding.  Thank you for putting together such a wonderful program and giving us the opportunity to participate in your vision for the future.” - Jackie Stobbs

“Thank you so much for the warm and wonderful experience.  I had a great time and learned a lot.  I will be back first chance I get!” - Silke White

“Thank you so much for an amazing and unique educational opportunity.” - Maureen O’Daniel




I had an amazing lunge lesson yesterday. For years I thought I would have to go to Europe to find this caliber of lunge line lesson. With the lecture, this is an education not to be missed. - Linda Schultz



Dear Ms. Vallis:

I have known Tom Poulin for over seven years through his activities in the field of dressage as a judge, clinician and instructor. He has judged shows for the Houston Dressage Society almost every year since 2002.

By way of introduction, I have been on the Board of Directors for the Houston Dressage Society for over ten years, holding numerous positions, including that of President. Tom has always been a good friend to Houston Dressage Society and its membership.

Tom is extremely competent and maintains an excellent rapport with people. He is an outstanding team player with a strong work ethic. He has a keen mind and is very perceptive. He has good focus with an ability to always consider the "big picture". Tom is a fair judge, a constructive clinician and a clear instructor.

In summary, I highly recommend him. He will be a valuable asset to your organization.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Very truly yours,
Marilyn Kulifay



Dear Gillian:

It is a pleasure to write this note of recommendation for Tom Poulin. I have had the great privilege of knowing Tom for nearly 36 years, since he established The American Dressage Institute in Maine, when Dressage was little known in America. He has seen and contributed towards the growth of Dressage in the USA, ever since. He has trained horses to the highest levels, as well as ridden them at those levels.

In his early days, he was greatly influenced by the training principles of classical Dressage. He was a disciple of Mr. Rokitansky, the great Oberiter and Director of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

Tom is a respected Dressage judge and a teacher. He is one of the best instructors in our Learner Judge Program. Tom is a great organiser, and has a keen eye in solving problems. He is modest, and his moral and ethical standards are beyond reproach.

I am confident that if he is a part of you Foundation, he will do you honour.

Pummy Chopra, M.D.
USEF 'S' , FEI 'I' Dressage



When I think of who I would like to clinic with or have judge me or my students I think of Tom Poulin.

Tom has been coming to the Islands for many years and has a faithful following. My barn, Misty Meadow Training Stable, has him come to Hawaii in the beginning of the year and his clinics are filled well in advance of his arrival.

Aloha State Dressage Society has Tom finish out our season in September and Tom has a three day clinic after the show. We appreciate Tom's knowledge and patient approach to all of us who ride with him.

Tom is always a fair judge and a very helpful clinician. He always takes the students where they and their horse are and is very positive with his comments. - Anna Awana



To Ms. Gillian Vallis, regarding Mr. Thomas Poulin:

When Tom asked that I write this letter, I was truly complemented. We first met,  as a rider and judge; his comments were fair, correct and helpfully encouraging. Since then, I’ve come to know Tom as a clinician and friend and he has been a welcome guest in our home on several occasions.

Those qualities apparent in his judging are equally apparent in his interaction with others and in his leadership style. Where Tom’s decisions will impact others, they are considered and ultimately fair. While not quick to judge another he has good insight into people, what motivates them and how to lead them to a common goal. His people skills are impressive. Always a gentleman, Tom’s demeanor causes others in his company to follow his lead. That his encouraging guidance, whether as riders or in life, brings out the best in people is apparent in clinics and in his own children. Successful in their own right, his children are creative, teachers, competitors and coaches. When he is the coach, riders leave his clinics wearing wide grins at having accomplished something new. Here, Tom’s communication skills surface as he is able to put his coaching into words that a rider understands and can use in a practical manner.

I would happily recommend Tom Poulin for any demanding position that required a high level of ethics, people skills and leadership. He has the vision and talent to use his accumulated knowledge and expand its application.

Nelson Long 



Hi Gillian..... It is with great pleasure that I can recommend Tom Poulin to your stable. I have known Tom professionally and personally for many years now. In addition to judging dressage shows many times together, he has been coming to my farm in Texas to do regular riding clinics. Tom usually comes every other month to instruct, and I have generally 3 horses that I ride with him . He has been an asset to my students and myself, always composing unique exercises to help with the problem solving in the never ending training process! We are grateful for his advice, experience and professionalism. I know he will be an asset to your program.

Best Regards,




Medical Students at the University of Arizona are getting some thoroughbred guidance on bedside manners. And it's not from Emily Post. For two hours every Friday afternoon, the College of Medicine students work with horses at ranches in Tucson. - Health Scout News, Horses and Body Language, Sunday August 5, 2001

For full story see Horses and Body Language


"In the time that Heather spent in the round pen with Bruce Anderson, I saw a spark of self-confidence in her that I was not aware she had. I think that day she believed she could do amazing things." - Suzanne Meredith, Quote from Lexington Herald-Leader 19th April, 2002


"I met Bruce during our first evening at the farm. “Teach a horse to fish, allow yourself to fly” he said and set my imagination racing and created a desire to share some of the passion that emanated from him. After an entertaining conversation, I jokingly said that perhaps we should have a session in the round pen. Lo and behold, the very next morning, there we were!"
For full story see Mother and Daughter Bond


"Every person should have a beautiful moment in his or her lives to pull out of the hat. My moment is when I joined up with a horse during a round pen session given by Bruce Anderson. The sense of achievement was overwhelming and still gives me a thrill as I write this. In that moment, the horse effectively handed over its life to me, totally trusting in my ability to care for him. At the time I felt stripped bare, but since then my self confidence has risen, I feel more focused in what I want and am more content in what I have in life. I’m planning my next trip to Kentucky for another session with Bruce and whichever horse I am lucky enough to share the experience." - Shirley Dwyer, Bermuda.


Leslie Worley of Garrard County, Abbey’s mother, can attest to the farm’s work with children. Abbey has attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, and in the past has been listless and had difficulty reading and writing.

“She would be really shut down,” Worley said. “She didn’t want to play, didn’t want to have friends."

“But after she went to summer camp at Pine Knoll last year, Abbey showed some personal growth. “She was relaxed, she was calm, she was more thoughtful. She was more bubbly. She was just happy,” Worley said. - Quote from Lexington Herald-Leader 19th April, 2002


Report on Eagala Workshop and Round Pen experience.

"I have attended many conferences and seminars in my time, but never before one that took place in a barn. Not that a “barn” is the appropriate description. It was, in fact, an impressive purpose- built arena, at Pine Knoll farm, in Lexington, Kentucky, but the ground was earthen and we sat on bails of hay." - Honor Desmond-Tetlow
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Round Pen Experience - Chapter II

"What is it about Kentucky, or to be more accurate, about Pine Knoll Farm. There is a special kind of magic threaded throughout the land that has affected me like nothing else–..."
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"As a result of these experiences my fear has turned into its opposite; love. Love for horses and love for the process of healing both humans and horses." - Susan Lear MA, Kentucky, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Psychological Association.
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Dear Pine Knoll Farm:

I am writing to thank all of you for the wonderful care you provided for my geldng Botch during his time in Kentucky. As we have had to move him several times, we have had direct experience with a number of boarding situations. Pine Knoll was easily the best we have experienced, coast to coast! The atmosphere is safe, knowledgeable and caring and the people on the farm, inspired by the vision and generosity of owner Gillian Vallis and led by farm manager Trina McGuire, are friendly and reliable. That is such a comfort when we are entrusting our beloved horses to a farm's care!

Again, thank you so much for taking such good care of my beloved horse. I wish all of you well in all of your future endeavours!

Angela J. Bristow


"My short stay at Pine Knoll Farm was wonderful and the facility was beautiful. The staff were all very nice and helpful in every area and the care of the horses was also one of a kind. This boarding stable is more than just a business they care more about the horses and that is very hard to find. I am just sad that I couldn't stay longer than I did. I thank you all again for the help and the care of my horse while he was at your facility. Also I know Riyad was telling me about an integrated horsemanship class he was working on and I would be really interested if you could email me when he gets some more information."

Monica Legere & Stormy