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Jim Helfter - President, Advanced Biological Concepts, Inc.



Meet Jim Helfter and Cass.  Cass has been a beneficial part of ABC's research and is a member of the "sustaining performance research team." 


Jim Helfter is CEO and Founder of Helfter Enterprises, Inc. Advanced Biological Concepts, Osco, IL.

1960-1966...Research & Development Martin-Marietta, Denver, CO specializing in life support for interplanetary travel.

1966-1972...Research & Development Bendix Corp., Davenport, IA specializing in life support for interplanetary travel.

1973...Helfter Enterprises was founded to develop Nutritional Technology for prevention of disease in
livestock; the goal was to produce chemical free meat and milk (antibiotic and hormone free).

1985...Started adapting ABC's technology to other species.

1988...ABC's Horse division was established.
Advanced Biological Concepts is a manufacturer of natural feed supplements and nutritional additives.
We pursue a holistic approach to livestock and pet care. We work hand in hand with holistic veterinarians to stay on top of current health concerns with support to the industry by providing nutritional feed and water additives and supplements.



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