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Cathy Fox, BHSAI



Cathy Fox

Cathy is Assistant Trainer to Tom Poulin, has ridden consistently with him for over 30 years, and considers him her mentor.

Cathy has trained and competed numerous horses to the FEI level. She prides herself in being very firm about the basic training of the horse but also the fundamentals of body control which she herself did with Tom back in the 70’s.


Cathy is very excited to be with us at Pine Knoll where everything has come full circle from her early days of training with Tom at The American School of Dressage. She feels it is best to encompass EVERY ASPECT of the horse and rider under one roof which is why she is so excited to be at Pine Knoll.

Cathy is now competing at Grand Prix on her horse Rolls Royce and in 1999 she was on the Bermuda Pan American Team. Cathy comes from a jumping background and has trained many breeds of horses, from the sensitive Thoroughbred off the track to the beautiful Warm Bloods.

Cell: 615-796-7108


Cathy on our Schoolmaster Pluto 6 Ballata
Cathy - Schoolmaster Cathy - Schoolmaster Cathy - Schoolmaster
Cathy - Horses in Training
Cathy Fox - Horse in training x - Horse in training x - Horse in training


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