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Bruce Anderson - Round Pen Clinician



Bruce Anderson grew up on the West Indian Islands of Trinidad and Tobago, and it was there on the family cocoa and coffee estate that he began his relationship with horses. He learned to ride on the estate, and then represented his country on the National Show Jumping Team. From there he moved on to breeding farms at home, in the U.K. and in the U.S. While in England, he earned an agricultural degree and in the U.S. worked with racehorses in Florida. Then he moved on to hunter/jumpers, which was his reason for coming to Camden, S.C. (to manage a hunter/jumper barn). It was upon leaving there that he started on his present path, the evolution of Nature’s View.


The following is from Bruce's website

"Some people call me a Horse Whisperer, others a Horse Gentler; but me, I see myself as a Horse Assistant, the Voice of the Mirror (the horse), the reporter trying desperately to share my experiences in a way that does it justice.

Bruce working
the system
in a round pen



I started down this path with only ONE goal in mind, to help horses, and instead ended up with horses helping me in many ways. Remember the movie "City Slickers" and Curly saying "Life is ONE THING"? For me, that is helping horses. It has given my life purpose. It is now my quest in life, because of my experiences with Nature’s View, to share with others that horses can help humans change their knowledge, change their mindsets and find balance in their lives, thereby once again allowing the horse to play a vital role in society at a critical time in our civilization. This news is not new to humans, for those who have worked with horses have known this either consciously or subconsciously. So to achieve my goal of helping horses, I use Nature’s View to show how the power of the horse can help humans find their ONE THING. Just Listen!"


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