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Thomas Herding Technique's work and research has appeared in many media outlets including:
The Arabian Magazine (globally distributed), Zipse At The Track magazine, Holistic Horse (in August/September) various blogs, Richmans Racing in Hong Kong, and Equine Excellence in Australia.



<< THT Education & Research Center at Pine Knoll Farm >> - Press Release

<< Discovering the Communicated Equine >> - Article

<< Horse Profiling - The Secret to Motivating Equine Athletes >>
A book by Kerry M. Thomas with Calvin L. Carter

<< PRESS RELEASE: Trafalgar Square Books Signs Deal >>
with Kerry Thomas, Founder of the Thomas Herding Technique



Richman's Racing Blog Richman's Racing Blog





GIVING BACK: A View From The Hoof Essay Series

A series of essays and research findings that explain in greater detail the foundation upon which all THT philosophies are based.

The essay series was created in order to offer a more comprehensive understanding of the body of work and services offered here at Thomas Herding Technique. In a never ending effort to find and develop the best possible ways to bring a more natural way of life to the horse living in what is to him, an artificial, human generated environment, THT endeavors to research every aspect from the horse's perspective.

Taking a view from the hoof opens the way for this discovery which is presented in the essay series under that name as a reminder to the writer, and the reader, that only by removing ourselves from our usual way of thinking, can we begin to search the enigmatic equine.


AVFTH-014 Behavior on the Move

AVFTH-013 Breeding for Behavior in the Hybrid Thoroughbred; Emotional Conformation, Reapplying Natural Selection

AVFTH-012 Behavioral Overcompensations; A Resulting Factor of Lasix?

AVFTH-011 Project Athlete; Nurturing The Natural

AVFTH-010 War Admiral v/s Seabiscuit; Herding Holdup Revealed

AVFTH-009 Potential Withholds; Mental Illness & The Equine Athlete

AVFTH-008 Horse Behavior In Focus; Concentration Without Reason

AVFTH-007 Equine Abandonment Syndrome; Chased by Fear

AVFTH-006 The Magic Within

AVFTH-005 An Artificial World; The Etiology of the Human Aspect

AVFTH-004 The Enigma of the Equine Puzzle

AVFTH-003 The Acquired Instinct & Individual Horse Personality

AVFTH-002 Life Within the Circle

AVFTH-001 An Equine Perspective



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