How to Become a Friend of The Four Harmony Foundation
501(c)3 Not-For-Profit Foundation

Join our team and make a difference – through your support of the programs and activities of this unique foundation. Together we can continue to make a difference in the lives of horses and humans.


Phoenix 100 Club

Phoenix (mythology), legendary bird that lived in Arabia. According to tradition, the phoenix consumed itself by fire every 500 years, and a new, young phoenix sprang from its ashes. In the mythology of ancient Egypt, the phoenix represented the sun, which dies at night and is reborn in the morning. Early Christian tradition adopted the phoenix as a symbol of both immortality and resurrection.


Phoenix - February, 2003


Creating Futures Endowment Campaign

A significant financial commitment to The Four Harmony Foundation Creating Futures Endowment Campaign is an important, personal, family, or corporate decision. Your gift reflects your special areas of interest whether they are directed towards horses or humanity.

From our new projects and the Foundation's continuing programmatic efforts there are many opportunities for sponsorship making a commemorative contribution or endowment. Each of the program and building components can be designated by name as the gift of, or in honor of, an individual, a family, a foundation or a corporation.

Gifts of any size are welcome in support of the Campaign for the Future of the Four Harmony Foundation and their equine and human family.

Simply put, our goals are to enhance community and equine life quality, in
unparalleled ways, through the broad vision of this Foundation. We envision "life in balance and harmony through the equine-human bond".

Please contact us for more detailed information on our Creating Futures Endowment Campaign.

We also accept planned gifts, stocks, securities and endowment gifts for program support.

Please contact us to register your support.

Thank you,

Susan B. Feamster, Chairperson
Friends of The Four Harmony Foundation
9863 Lexington Road
Lancaster, KY 40444
tel: 859 548 4162
fax: 859 548 2628



Club Membership

Harmony Club $100,000+
Centurian Club $50,000-99,999
Pegasus Club $25,000-49,999
Saddle Club $10,000-24,999
Bridle Club $5,000-9,999
Mane & Tail Club $1,000-4,999
Boot & Spur Club $300-999
Stirrup Club $100-299
Supporters Club 15 hours/quarter
Harmony Heritage Planned and Estate
Society Gifts




If you would like to send us a donation, please make your check payable to the Four Harmony Foundation and mail to the following address:

The Four Harmony Foundation
9863 Lexington Road
KY 40444

We all thank you for your support.