The goal of the Equine Health and Rehabilitation Center is to provide a healing environment for the rehabilitation of injured, abused, neglected and performance horses, using traditional and alternative approaches to equine health care.

We have a number of horses at the facility in our rehabilitation program, including one horse who was severely burned in a barn fire. Through this program we hope to rehabilitate horses and include them in our programs. For instance the severely burned horse can inspire a child or adult who has suffered from burns or other disabilities. There are documented cases showing how the bond between horse and human can be therapeutic.

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Through our comprehensive health care program we allow the HORSE TO BE THE BEST THAT HE CAN BE. Whether you have an Olympic champion, backyard trail horse or a top level racehorse we can guide your horse to complete recovery and back into work and top level competition.




Photo by Susan Sexton
Our experienced staff is led by Dr. Judith M. Shoemaker, DVM, internationally known practitioner and educator in complementary veterinary medicine and therapy, who is on staff and available regularly for treatment and consultations. By networking with a team of experts, she assists in the recovery of the equine athlete and guides them back to optimum health and performance.


We have a team of experts in every field from health care to sports psychology and riding skills. This is a HOLISTIC APPROACH which encompasses everything a horse and rider requires in one location.



Our Farm Manager, Trina McGuire has worked in the intensive care section of a large veterinary practice, managed a racehorse training and lay-up stable, galloped at the track and managed a broodmare operation.

Our Chief Instructress Deborah Bowerman-Davies is an equine anaesthetist, has worked with race horses in rehabilitation, owned a rehabilitation facility (competition and race horses), studied with one to the top equine lameness veterinarians on the East Coast and is a certified animal health technician.


As you can see below nothing is too small for our qualified and caring staff!





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