Holistic Center Dedicated to Equine and Human Life Enhancement & Education

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- Alternative and traditional therapy



- Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) *
- Social skills development including ADHD
- Round Pen* Program


- Equine science, management,
and environmentally friendly programs
-Complementary and Alternative Medicine


- Developmental disabilities and life-threatening diseases


Pine Knoll Farm is an educational boarding, teaching and rehabilitation facility and the home of The Four Harmony Foundation registered 501(c)(3) not for profit foundation. Our goal is to support state-of-the-art equine facilities and the development of a broad range of educational and experiential programs.

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Our purpose is:

  • To provide a safe environment where people and horses can heal, learn, grow, and find balance and happiness in their life.

  • To value our environment and bring us closer to nature.

  • To offer learning opportunities which meet student’s life needs.

  • To create awareness of the healing power of the horse.

  • To provide the opportunity for personal growth and development.

  • To assist individuals in seeking and honoring their inner-self.

  • To coach people through their journey to personal empowerment.


* What is Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)?

This term describes the emerging field in which horse participation plays a vital role in our emotional growth and learning programs. Several of our staff members have completed the first level in their training with Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA). This is an organization formed to promote, educate, and provide standards of practice, ethics, and safety in the field of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP).


* What is the Round Pen and how will it help your horse emotionally?

The most important part of the process is bridging the horse from his way of thinking (emotional) to our way of thinking (logical), but at the same time, not changing his personality.

As the relationship deepens between horse and human, each is allowed to become the "best that they can be." Through listening and communicating, give and take, timing and sensitivity, an extraordinary union can be formed between the human and equine partners becoming "united as one".


* What is Hippotherapy - a physical therapy using the horse's three dimensional movement as a therapeutic tool. Physical therapists who volunteer their time work with students that are severely physically disabled. This is one of the most progressive treatments used to improve posture, balance, mobility and function in select students.


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The material presented herein is provided by The Four Harmony Foundation for educational and informational purposes only. Decisions regarding the health and welfare of your horse should be made only after consultation with a veterinarian with whom a valid client-patient-veterinarian relationship has been established.